Drone Show

Committed to creating “a new flyable media”

EHANG Drone Formation Flight

With the night sky as a stage and landmarks being the backdrop, multiple smart control-based drones demonstrate and transform their formation to display diversified messages and images in specific airspace, presenting a magnificent piece of work that is tailormade based on different branding or advertising requirements.

Formation Principle

Points-lines-planes. Formation with more complexity requires more drones.

Formation Patterns

Demonstrate 3 different formation patterns in 15 minutes.

Performance Duration

15-20 minutes per drone show.

Light Color Variance

Diverse light colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white.

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Varied Formation Patterns

The contents to be presented via the formation flight can be totally customized based on specific branding requirements. The dynamic variance of drone lights and change of flight positions in a 3D space enable the customized contents to take the shape of different characters or images, forming a fascinating “LED screen” that flies in the night sky.

Stunning Publicity / Promotion Effects

Innovative, eco-friendly and visually engaging, this splendid performance in the night sky receives intense media spotlight, and triggers stronger self-motivation in viewers and spectators to capture those highlights via photos or videos and share them to the social media. The number of “forward/repost” amounted to over 100 million in multiple branding events, easily reaping a RMB10 million-level publicity/promotion return.

Highly Cost-effective

A formation flight performed by over 1,000 drones can be operated by just one person with one computer. This largely differs from the traditional performance method that requires the involvement of drone pilots, making it possible to flexibly adjust the amount of performing drones and significantly reduce the relevant costs.

Excellent performance comes from safety guarantee

The drones show uses proprietarily-developed GHOSTRONE drones that boasts redundancy design of backup sensors and dedicated real-time communication network to ensure flight safety in different environments. In conform with national laws & regulations, EHANG applies for prior airspace approval and sets up e-fences as protection zones, thus delivering safe, successful and superb drone shows.

2016 Cases Review

Large-scaled Drone Formation Light Shows
  • June 201630 drones

    JD 618 Drone Formation Performance
  • June 201636 drones

    Summer Davos Forum
  • September 2016101 drones

    Yundi Li Music Festival with Hundred Drones in Wanda City
  • December 2016128 drones

    Vipshop 128 Anniversary Celebration

2017 Cases Review

  • February 201760 drones

    Valentine's Day
  • June 2017120 drones

    Premiere of Transformers
  • July 2017100 drones

    20th Anniversary Ceremony of the Return of Hong Kong
  • July 201770 drones

    20th Anniversary Ceremony of Happy Camp
  • September 2017500 drones

    Hengshui Lake International Marathon Race
  • November 2017400 drones

    World Flying Expo in Wuhan
  • November 201765 drones

    Brand Conference of Acura New Car
  • November 2017300 drones

    2018 New Year Carnival of Guangdong
  • November 2017100 drones

    China Rendez-Vous in Hainan

2018 Cases Review

  • February 2018200 drones

    New Year Gala in Hunan Satellite TV
  • February 2018300 drones

    Parallel Sessions of CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala 2018
  • February 2018300 drones

    The Conversations between Guangzhou and the World Road Show in Guangzhou
  • February 2018300 drones

    Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional Show of New Year
  • March 2018500 drones

    Lantern Festival in Xi'an City
  • March 2018400 drones

    Show of Technology Lightening up Nanjing
  • March 2018260 drones

    OPPO R15 New Product Release
  • April 2018200 drones

    The 2nd Maritime Silk Road in Ningbo
  • 29 April 20181374 drones

    New Guinness World Records Title UAVs airborne simultaneously
  • May 2018200 drones

    30th Anniversary Ceremony of WEGO GROUP
  • May 2018257 drones

    China Athletics Street Tour in Xi’an
  • May 2018211 drones

    ESports Dream--Ceremony of TEAM WE Settling Down in Xi’an
  • May 2018235 drones

    SKP & Xi’an -- New Upscale Fashion Style

Technical Features

Make Every Drone a Dancing Fairy in the Night Sky

The GHOSTDRONE is a forerunner and pioneer of smart UAV, and its series drones have performed millions of safe flights. The mature hardware/devices and advanced formation flight technology are integrated to enable the graceful “dancing” of GHOSTDRONE in the night sky.

High-performance Drones

With G200 high-speed motors, self-tightening 8.5-inch propellers, 4500mAh polymer lithium ion batteries and a powerful propulsion system that supports a flight duration of 25 minutes, the proprietarily-developed GHOSTDRONE2.0 drones have laid a solid foundation for the formation flight performance.

Smart Flight Control System

The proprietarily-developed flight control system ensures the flight stability via the built-in smart safety chip, which monitors the flight status in real time. In the event of emergencies, including low battery, communication loss or inclement weather, the drone will intelligently and autonomously return safely to the takeoff point.

Positioning with Centimeter-level Accuracy

The highly accurate centimeter-level positioning enabled by the RTK-GPS technology prevents collisions even when two drones come as close as 5 centimeters between each other, significantly upgrading the scalability of formation flight. (Note: 5-centimeter is the theoretical value in favorable flight environments, the actual value may vary based on specific flight conditions.)

Smart Formation Flight Control System

The proprietarily designed & developed formation flight remote control system, which is able to realize the preset flight missions and lighting effects via just one computer as the ground station, supports fully autonomous formation flight performance of over 1,000 drones with their flight data being monitored in real time.
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