ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY, Ehang and AZANS shared the vision of unmanned aircraft management development at the ATM Congress 2019.

Companies signed the roadmap for Azerbaijan integrated ATC/UTM control center creation agreement.

At ATM Congress 2019, a key air traffic management conference, Stanislav Kochkin (ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY CEO), DerrickXiong (EHang Intelligent Technology co-founder), and Farhan Guliyev (director of the Azerbaijan Air Navigation Service, aka AZANS) shared their vision for unmanned aircraft management.

The top managers performed a joint keynote“Next Generation Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Operations in ATM”.  

During the conference, the three companies also signed a roadmap for an agreement to establish an integrated ATC/UTM Flight ControlCenter at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Azerbaijan.

The Center’s tasks are to control civil unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights, to establish certification processes, to manage flight applications and permits processes. As planned, the system should be fully integrated with the existing air traffic control system of Azerbaijan.

The signing ceremony was attended byYang Jiansen, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)Regulations and Standards Department.

«The history of this project began a year ago in Azerbaijan. This country has a well-developed aviation hub, advanced air navigation services in place and a great potential for the drones usage in various industries like agriculture, oil companies servicing, goods delivery and a number of other applications. Meanwhile, the use of any drones is currently prohibited by law in Azerbaijan. Together with our partners AZANS and EHang, we see the strong possibility of the Azerbaijan drone services market revealing. From our perspective, it will take creation and implementation of a unified national drone control center integrated with the air traffic management system. This solution will be able to benefit the state, business and end users».

Stanislav Kochkin, CEO of ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY