ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY has started the certification process for its unmanned aircraft traffic management solution — ABR AirChannel UTM

ABR has applied for the solution certification to the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC)

ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY has applied to the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), the key regulator of the aviation industry in the CIS, to obtain the Type Certificate for ABR AirChannelUTM – the company unmanned aircraft system traffic management solution.

«Obtaining leading aviation regulator’s certification for our flagship solution, ABR AirChannel UTM unmanned aircraft flight control system, is one of our strategic priorities».

Stanislav Kochkin, CEO of ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY

According to our vision, a national-scale drone flight control system must meet the high standards of manned aviation. Therefore, we are pretty sure it should be based on technologies certified by key aviation regulators from the very beginning. Certification of our solution will be an important step in its further integration with the air traffic management system (ATM)and the development of standards for the unmanned aviation industry».

About the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC).

The Interstate AviationCommittee (IAC) was established in December 1991 as a follow up of the InterstateAgreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace signed by 12 newly established independentStates. IAC’s goal is to ensure safe and orderly development of civil aviation and efficient use of the airspace of the States covered by the Agreement.

The purpose of the Agreement is to maintain:
unified aviation regulations, airworthiness standards, a unified system of aviation equipment certification and its production, internationally categorized airfields and their equipment, independent investigation of air accidents, coordination of civil aviation development issues and harmonization of national air traffic management systems development programs. The IAC Agreement and Regulations were registered by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in July 1992. IAC has cooperation agreements with many international civil aviation regulators and organizations– in particular, ICAO, EASA, IATA, IFALPA, IPA CIS, EurAsEC and others