ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY has signed Strategic Partnership Agreement with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation International (CETCI)

ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY has signed Strategic PartnershipAgreement with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation International(hereinafter CETCI).

The subject of the Agreement is strategic partnership establishment between the companies for joint business expansion, mutual products and technologies development as like as best practices and expertise sharing.

Additionally, the companies agreed to jointly coordinate and support government and research organizations cooperation, as well as cooperation with organizations responsible for standards and certification processes development.

CETCI is the largest Chinese corporation in the radio electronics and IT segments and one of the global leaders in this field. It is member of the Global Fortune 500 largest world companies rating.

The company manufactures computer and telecommunications equipment, microelectronics, air traffic control systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, navigation systems, radars, electronic security systems, various process control systems, and many other products and solutions.

«We are implementing our strategy consistently. One of the strategy core principles is to rely on the world's best technologies (including those used in manned aviation) and to partner with global technology leaders” – said Stanislav Kochkin, CEO ofABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY. – “We are sure: our strategic partnership with such global leader as СETCI will help us to build a comprehensive flight control system for unmanned aircrafts. The partnership focus areas include complex systems components, radar systems, air traffic control systems and other».

Stanislav Kochkin, CEO of ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY