Best aviation expertise is our foundation: ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY has established a Scientific and Technical Council

ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY announces the formation of the company’sScientific and Technical Council.
The Council’s members are top aviation industry experts with great expertise and outstanding record in building national airspace management systems, civil aviation flight management, government regulation of the industry, unique air navigation systems development and other areas.

The main tasks of the Council will be:

  • The company's science strategy development and technology strategy advising
  • Identifying and analyzing possible problems to address in manned and unmanned aircraft air traffic control
  • Advising and expert judging for the following areas:
  • Aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)traffic control
  • Development and implementation of UAV equipment
  • State airspace management and regulations
  • Support for the effective company cooperation with the state authorities
  • Ensuring company’s effective cooperation with leading international scientific and research organizations.

In addition to the tasks above, the Council’s role is to review a proposals related to air traffic control of manned and unmanned aircraft as like as to assist for the state air traffic control system improvement.

«The formation of the Council is one important step of our strategy implementing” – said Stanislav Kochkin, CEO of ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY. – “According to our vision, the national unmanned aircraft flight management system must meet the high standards of manned aviation. Therefore, our very strong believe is the system from the very beginning should be engineered and built based on technologies proven by aviation industry usage. We are sure that unique aviation experience and expertise of the Council's experts will play a definitive role in our vision realization».

Stanislav Kochkin, CEO of ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY