Best aviation industry expertise is our foundation: Oleg I. Zavalishin appointed as ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY Chief Designer of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems

Zavalishin Oleg Ivanovich

ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY has appointed Oleg Ivanovich Zavalishin as the company Chief Designer of communication, navigation and surveillance systems in unmanned aircraft system traffic management.

Oleg Zavalishin is, without exaggeration, one of the most recognized expert in the field of aviation radio electronic equipment development, in particular:

  • ground and onboard satellite systems equipment,
  • GNSS ground augmentation systems,
  • local differential navigation systems,
  • landing radio equipment.

Mr. Zavalishin is the chief designer of many important navigation systems and high-precision equipment complexes (including unique ones), in particular:

  • Federal and Regional Centers network for monitoring GNSS signals for the civil aviation;
  • The world's first certified dual-constellation (GLONASS/GPS) satellite navigation and landing system;
  • Local control and correction station LCCS-A-2000;
  • Ground and flight test complex (GLNS) of functional augmentations to theGlobal Navigation System;
  • Onboard small-size satellite tracker «Spektr-GLONASS Iridium».

 Mr. Zavalishin is the author of 30 scientific paper sand holds 12 patents for his inventions in the area of satellite and optical aircraft landing systems. The authority and unique expertise of Mr. Zavalishin are in wide demand in many organizations that are very important for the aviation industry, - he is:

  • Member of the Council of Chief Designers of GNSS Navigation InstrumentsDevelopers and Manufacturers of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of theRussian Federation;
  • Member of the Committee on International Cooperation in the Field ofDevelopment and Introduction of Air Navigation Systems and Facilities of theUnion of Aviation Industrialists of Russia;;
  • Member of the expert council of the interdepartmental working group of the Ministry of Transport, Rosaviatsiya and Roscosmos on the development of materials for ICAO standards on GNSS;
  • Member of Eurocontrol and FAA international working group on GBAS;
  • Member of Eurocontrol working group on takeoffs and landings, NSG working group;
  • Technical consultant of the ICAO expert on GNSS NSP.

«We are very pleased that such an outstanding aviation industry specialist as Oleg Ivanovich Zavalishin has joined the company. His appointment is the most important step in the formation of the company's scientific and technical expertise. We are confident that his unique knowledge and experience will help us implement the most important elements of our strategy —to build a large-scale unmanned aircraft control system in accordance with the high standards of manned aviation. In particular, to provide the system with so vital functions as precise positioning of unmanned aircraft and robust communication channels».

Stanislav Kochkin, CEO of ABRAHAM TECHNOLOGY