Our Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management System is designed to solve the challenges of all the parties involved — businesses, the state and private users.



In May 2018, a large-scale national program Digital Economy 2024was launched in Russia, which, through the creation of a comprehensive support system for digital technologies development and implementation projects, is designed to improve the accessibility and quality of public services for citizens, as well as to enhance the country’s technological independence. The Abraham Technology’s activity fully, on the one hand, coincide with the course set by the government of the country and ensures the social mission implementation, and on the other hand, it allows the state authorities to effectively perform the duties vested in them and increase the budget revenues.

The ABR AirChannel UTM provides control over the due level of safety of unmanned aerial vehicles flights, by integrating them completely into the applicable air traffic management system.

Own commercial UAVs market growth
Technological development level increase
New job opportunities
Profit growth
Leading positions in the global unmanned aircraft systems market


Through the creation of our products for business needs, we strive to solve its most acute problems. Process efficiency and awareness improvement, resources re-allocation and costs optimization, “big data” processing. All these actions represent the tools that are necessary to achieve the cherished goal of any company, namely, to increase profits. As part of the rone as a Serviceproduct, we offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of activities, including agriculture, logistics and oil and gas industries. The modern unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are able to perform their work effectively with powerful software tools, opening up truly limitless possibilities for analyzing the data obtained. ABR AirChannel UTM, in turn, allows the unmanned aircrafts operators, that use them for commercial purposes, to expand the boundaries of their equipment use (including beyond visual line of sight), find new business areas, as well as to enhance awareness of the nuances of laws related to government flights control.



The ABR AirChannel UTM system functions are of obvious benefit, including for an ordinary unmanned aircraft user, for whom it is sometimes very difficult to take into account all the nuances of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flights rules. These rules violations entail serious financial consequences in the form of fines and even destruction of the aircraft by special services in special cases. Due to its unique integrated services, the operator receives an off-the-shelf solution that allows performing flights in accordance with the Russian laws, from the aircraft registration with the Federal Air Transport Agency, while providing all necessary information on no-fly zones, weather conditions, to the provision of a possibility to operate flights in a fully automatic mode and beyond visual line of sight.