EHang is the premier supplier of intelligent flight platforms
By offering customized flight platform solutions, EHang Falcon B Series integrates seamlessly with existing business processes. It enables new scenarios not achievable with traditional flight platforms and reduces overall cost for businesses.

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Public Security Management

Falcon is bringing traditional surveillance to a new height by breaking traditional visual limits. It provides unprecedented flexibility to the surveillance industry and ensures personnel safety. Additionally, higher adaptability for public security management is made possible with its zoom camera, infrared camera and private network LTE.

Environmental Protection Monitoring

Using Falcon to release weather balloons or airships has become a new effective, convenient and economical method of meteorological measurement. Its various cameras, which detect pollution quickly, make environmentalists' work more efficient.

Fire Emergency Rescue

Falcon is well suited for forests inspection and fire extinction. It provides a method of rapid deployment to monitor and control fire in locations denying human access, and is even able to quickly carry and transport emergency supplies to the fire fighters on site.

Inspection on Major Facilities

Falcon is replacing the traditional repetitive work of inspectors in major facilities inspection. Its simple control mode and various loads save maintenance personnel the time of field operation, and greatly improve inspection efficiency per unit time.

Precise Surveying and Mapping

Falcon is an indispensable supplement to the traditional surveying and mapping area, and an unparalleled choice of fast mapmaking and construction calculation.
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